BROOKS  build. 

Designed to your dreams.

Custom build classic cars

Building classic cars, with heritage in mind.

rallye monte carlo mini classic mk1 brooks built racing through streets
Morris mini mk1 rally monte carlo brooks built
Mini mk1 rear bumper overriders brooks built rally

Inspired by  You. 

Handcrafted in Holland.

Mini classic MK1 FIA racing white brooks built
Land rover defender led bar at night brooks motors

Truly unique, Truly yours.

The progress

Brooks build is a process where customers get to join and follow the journey of their classic along the way. In the process, we’ll find a donor car and transform this into a true Brooks build. All of this will be done with your dreams in mind.

brooks motors moodboard at intake for brooks built

At first we start off with an intake, at this point we will get to know each other and figure out where your passion for this classic car comes from. We also advise you on questions that might arise and give you an introduction to our Brooks Built process.

If everything is set and feels comfortable we will start with the intake, this is the point where we get to figure out your style and how we can adopt that into your dream car.

At Brooks we work with build slots, this is practically a piece of production capacity for a specific vehicle reserved by the buyer. 

Build slot costs depend on the build and the vehicle, therefore the costs of reserving will be agreed on after the intake.

Interested if there are still build slots open? Please contact Brooks Motors directly.


man working under a mini classic mk1 FIA rally racing

The build process is the most exciting part, this is where your, and equally ours, dream become reality.

At first we’ll have to find a donor car for the build, this could be a difficult path and may take some time but good things come to those who wait.

When the donor is at our workshop and de build slot is started the real work begins. This is the moment when we prepare the engine, body and interior for the future to come. 

During the build process, we constantly will be updating you and involving you in important decisions that have to be made.

mini classic mk1 rally custom build by brooks in the woods

The moment we’ve all been waiting for; the delivery. After a long process of searching, building and finishing, it’s time to look your dream car in the eye.

Now you’re able to feel the taste of real freedom. From now on, everything is about you and the machine underneath. The engine is just behind the other side of the dash and the road surface is only several inches under your seat. At this moment, the only thing of importance is the next curve. 

Welcome to the Brooks family!

Start today.

What we've build

brooks dakar mini on a trailer in the mountains
Innocenti 1001
Brooks Build 004
land rover range rover with yokohama tyres standing on a tree in offroad course brooks motors
Range Rover classic
Brooks Build 003
land rover defender 90 in arles blue
Land Rover Defender
Brooks Build 002
brown leather interior mini classic brooks build. with momo indy steering wheel
Mini Comfort-matic
Brooks Build 001

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Give us a call to let us know you’re coming. This way we’re  able to serve with you with the best service available.

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Safe and reliable repairs

At Brooks, every product we make is built to last. We want our customers to drive away at ease and know their car is technically good. Although most of this work will go unseen, you’ll feel it the second you step behind the wheel.

Customers should have access to safe, reliable and secure services whenever needed. We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of owning a classic car.

Find more about our repairs and service in the repair and maintenance section above.