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Steering wheel

Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary – your car’s about to get a serious style upgrade. Grab the wooden MOMO wheel and let’s get on an adventure.

Marshall Bluetooth speaker

Enhance your driving experience in your Mini by effortlessly tuning in to your favorite songs or catching up on engaging podcasts while on the go. The speaker seamlessly connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your preferred audio content wirelessly. Plus, its battery automatically charges whenever the car is running, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted listening experience. 

Electronic ignition

Unleash the true potential of your car with the revolutionary Brooks Motors Electronic Ignition Kit! Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional ignition systems and embrace a new era of reliability and performance.

Disc brakes

Experience a new level of safety and performance with our Brake Disc Conversion Set for your Mini Classic. Say goodbye to weaving during braking and the hassle of constant adjustments. Our precision-engineered brake disks significantly enhance your braking capabilities, providing a secure and confident feel on every journey. Upgrade today for a safer and smoother ride – because your safety is our priority. Available either as 10″ or 12″ set.

Tow hook

The Brooks tow hook, forged from full stainless steel, offers Mini owners a durable and sleek solution for towing needs. Mounted onto the subframe, it ensures easy towing in moments of oversight or for convenient trailering. With its robust build and practical design, the Brooks tow hook delivers reliable performance while enhancing the Mini’s aesthetics.


Underbody Wax

Our advanced wax formula is a game-changer. Unlike the outdated methods of the past, our treatment doesn’t alter your car’s appearance. Instead, it adds a clear robust layer of water-repellent film, creating a powerful shield against external elements. 

Checked and Serviced

At Brooks Motors, we’re not just selling cars; we’re building lasting relationships based on trust and reliability. Experience the difference with Brooks checked and Serviced  – where service and your peace of mind is our priority.

A complete oil system service, thorough coolant cleanup and thermostat replacement, precise valve clearance adjustments, a comprehensive brake check accompanied by the replacement of brake fluid, a full revision of the ignition system, and a thorough inspection of wheel bearings with the application of grease to all relevant nipples.

Inspected vehicles must undergo a comprehensive test drive, spanning over 100 kilometers, to ensure their optimal performance for longer journeys. Throughout the drive, we navigate various road types and speeds, assessing for signs of wear, overheating, vibrations, and engine performance.

Ensure your car undergoes thorough checks with our Checklist, meticulously aligned with industry and RDW standards. Additionally, the Brooks Maintenance Book will offer a clear guide for building service records, providing crucial information such as recommended oil and filter specifications. — explore more on our website.

Should we uncover any additional issues during the Brooks check-up, we believe in open communication. We’ll get in touch with you directly, and together we’ll discuss the cost of repairs, ensuring transparency every step of the way.


Warranty and help

At Brooks, we take pride in providing additional assurance for your investment with our exclusive 12-month/5000 km technical guarantee, covering both parts and labor. Our committed team is prepared to address any issues that may arise, and we distinguish ourselves by eliminating any own-risk involvement on your part.

For your convenience, we offer DIY solutions for simpler tasks, providing you with the necessary parts and detailed instructions. Whether you have inquiries about modifications or require assistance with servicing, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist.

It’s important to note that our guarantee is applicable only when Brooks Checked and Serviced is applied, an electronic ignition kit is fitted and the car is used under normal conditions. Please be aware that paintwork, interior work, rust, engine internals, and self-inflicted damages are not covered by this technical guarantee.

To take advantage of our comprehensive guarantee, simply bring your car to the Brooks Garage or opt for your home repair/pickup service, which incurs an additional fee.


Worldwide transportation

At Brooks, we specialize in hassle-free car shipments mainly across Europe and the US. Our experienced team ensures reliable service. Prices are calculated based on your specific needs and available upon request. Trust Brooks for secure and efficient car transport to any destination.

Export papers

At Brooks, we hold the license to facilitate export papers for your car. Our services include arranging all necessary documentation required to register your car elsewhere. The cost for export services is 120 euros (excluding taxes). Ensure a smooth transition for your vehicle with Brooks – your trusted partner in hassle-free export processes.

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