The Mini Minor MK3 original folder

“Today there is something better than the Mini”

Under here we’ll find the original Mini Minor MK3 folder from 1970. When the MK3 was first announced they were still delivered with an 848cc engine, the same as in the previous generation. On the outside and inside was a big chance however, let’s have a look what they’ve done:

Today there is
something better
than the Mini.


Anyone who knows what a Mini means understands well that the only thing better than a Mini is another Mini. They know that the Mini is a “formula” that combines handling, stability, design, performance, a spirit of adventure, and personality. This combination is much more significant than the dry numbers of dimensions, power, and speed. So why something even better? Because the Mini MK3 is refined in many details.

First of all, the windows. Now they roll down to allow for more complete ventilation and to welcome the summer. Still on the topic of ventilation, there are the two new adjustable vents. Positioned in front, on the dashboard, within easy reach. The seats have been redesigned to be more supportive and comfortable.

The seats are more comfortable than before, and the interior panels, the accelerator pedal, and the steering wheel with a wooden rim have also been redesigned. For night driving, the rearview mirror now has a night position with an anti-glare feature, very convenient for dealing with all those drivers who don’t dim their lights. Additionally, the handles, locks, hinges, and other small details have been improved. In short, a Mini refined as it should be.

The Mini’s engine is the same lively, generous, sporty Mini engine that everyone knows and, we might say, now holds a “sacred” status. What could be done to it? Nothing. So, we focused on the engine compartment, creating more space around the engine itself for easier access to the mechanical parts. Additionally, we improved the ventilation system for the car’s interior. Other than that, everything has remained unchanged.

Technical characteristics, performance, and consumption

Engine: 4-stroke with automatic timing and transverse positioning, 4 vertical cylinders in line, overhead valve distribution, displacement 848 cc, bore and stroke: 62.9 x 68.2 mm, compression ratio: 9:1, power (SAE): 48 HP at 5,800 rpm, maximum torque (SAE): 6.6 kgm at 3,000 rpm. Fuel consumption: approximately 19 km per liter. Ignition and electrical system: 12V 40Ah battery with negative grounding, coil ignition with automatic centrifugal and vacuum advance, 250W dynamo,.Power supply: carburetor with intake manifold. Lubrication: forced with gear pump. Cooling: water with forced circulation, pump, and thermostat. Transmission: front-wheel drive, single dry plate clutch with hydraulic control, 4-speed gearbox with 3 synchronized speeds and reverse, 4.09 final drive ratio. Brakes: hydraulic drum on all four wheels. Suspension: independent wheels with rubber elastic elements, connecting rods, and hydraulic shock absorbers. Steering: rack and pinion. Tires: 145 x 10. Dimensions: length 305 cm, width 141 cm, height 135 cm, wheelbase 204 cm, tracks: front 122.5 cm, rear 114.5 cm, ground clearance: 13.5 cm. Weight: 645 kg. Maximum weight: 4 persons including 40KG of baggage. Maximum speed: 135 km/h. Range: 390km. Acceleration: 1km in 45 seconds from standing still.

Features and accessories

Body: monocoque, 2 doors, panoramic windows, fully opening rear door. Seats: synthetic leather upholstery with soft padding. Safety belts: front double with adjustable position, retractable belts available for the rear seats. Heating and ventilation: with adjustable ducts. Ashtray and glove compartment. Electrical system: battery with fixed terminals and safety fuses. Lighting: external lights including sealed beam headlamps, parking lights, taillights, brake lights, and license plate light. Dashboard: complete with speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure warning light, and control lights for high beam, low beam, and direction indicators. Wipers: two-speed with electric motor. Washer: windscreen with manual pump. Horn: electric. Seats: front double, adjustable position. Sun visors: driver’s and passenger’s. Rearview mirror: internal. Spare wheel: complete with tire.


12 months unlimited warranty or 15,000 km. Free first service check at 1,500 km at any of our 13.000 authorized dealers of Millecentro Italia.

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