The First Mini’s ever build

The lie about 621 AOK as the first Mini?!”

first mini ever build 621 AOK


The exact chronology of Mini production has been muddled over time, leading to a series of half-truths becoming the accepted story. For a long time, it was believed that 621 AOK, now at the BMH Gaydon museum, was the first production Mini. However, the first production Mini, with the chassis number 101, was an Austin Mini Seven built at Longbridge on April 3, 1959. Chassis 101 has long since vanished, but amazingly, chassis 102, built the same day, still survives.
Registered as 627 HUE, this car was bought by Donald Healey in 1965 and converted into a two-seater convertible, apparently with the blessing of Alec Issigonis. 627 HUE is now owned by a Japanese Mini collector. Both Minis, 101 and 102/627 HUE, were delivered to Alec Issigonis.
The initial Austin production included chassis 103, which also survives. Registered as KEG 77, it was exported to Japan in 1996.

Austin 101 and 102 built 3 April
Austin 103 and 104 built 4 May
Austin 105 built 5 May

On May 8, 1959, Mini production began at Cowley with the construction of Morris chassis numbers 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 108, 110, 111, and 112. Strangely, chassis numbers 104 and 109 were built a few days later. Morris Mini Minor chassis 101 was registered as 621 AOK.

So why the confusion? It seems that in February 1965, when the millionth Mini was produced following the second Monte Carlo rally win, BMC’s PR team mistakenly assumed that Morris 101/621 AOK was the first Mini ever built. As a result, Alec Issigonis posed outside Longbridge with a 1965 model for PR photographs, which have been widely circulated in the media ever since. In reality, Morris 101/621 AOK was the sixth production Mini. By the time the mistake was realized, it was too late to correct, and Morris 101/621 AOK had already become recognized as the official first Mini.

What we think all things considerate

Looking back at the dates and stories, the first Minis were built by Austin on April 3, 1959, and by Morris on May 8, 1959. So, it depends on which brand you consider. Since the question is about the first Mini ever built and “Mini” refers to the model of the car, we vote for the Austin with chassis number 101, manufactured in Longbridge on April 3, 1959. Unfortunately, this car was scrapped back in the day, and now they’ve shifted recognition to the other “first” Mini ever built.

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