MINI’s on the airport

“Mini Classics Take Flight at Airfield Seppe”

brooks mini classics


Last week, we had an amazing day at Airfield Seppe near Breda, where we got to test some Mini classics. We teamed up with talented photographers and videographers – Paul Jespers, Noël van Bilsen, and Jan Fillem – to capture our adventure. Keep an eye on our Instagram for more updates!

The Fighter Mini: A Radical Transformation

Our first star of the day was the Fighter Mini. This Mini has been completely transformed – nothing is left untouched. It now boasts an incredible 100 horsepower in a lightweight 600kg body. The unique straight-cut gearbox and the harmonious sound of the twin HS4 carburettors brought smiles to our faces. The airfield provided the perfect place to test this powerhouse for the first time.

The Mini 1001 Sorrento and the Historic Tiger Moth

Next, we have the Mini 1001 Sorrento with the historic Tiger Moth in the background. The Tiger Moth, used during World War II for practice, adds a touch of history. We found the Mini Sorrento in the beautiful south of Italy – you can read more about that here >

The Classic Mini MK1: Timeless Elegance

Last but not least, the Classic Mini MK1 in the stunning ‘verde medio’ color with tobacco seats. It’s a joy to drive this historical masterpiece, and fun fact: it has hydrolastic suspension, just like the Citroën DS from the past.

Taking the Minis for a Spin on the Landing Strip

Now that you’ve met our Minis, let’s hit the road – or rather, the landing strip! Airfield Seppe was the perfect place for our test drives and for capturing some incredible shots.

Stay tuned for more adventures and stories. Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates from our world of vintage motoring.

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