Importing a car from belgium with a police letter note

“Import rules from Belgium”

brooks mini classics


We had a Mini Classic we wanted to import from Belgium, only there was one problem; the car was still on belgium registration, not roadworthy and had missing papers.

Normal import

Normally you can easily import a car from Belgium in the whole of the EU. You take the papers, also known as the “Certificate of Conformity” (COC) and in Holland called “het certificaat van overeenstemming” (CvO) and take this to the bureau of registrations which in Holland are called the RDW.

Police notice import

With a police notice it goes more or less the same. Only instead of the normal COC or CvO, which is a pink paper in Belgium, you take a notice of the police in form of a letter with a stamp, like the one below:

belgian police letter import carcertificat d'immatriculation
Belgian police letter

Notice: the police letter is only one month valid, make sure to plan your import procedure therefore beforehand.

At the import

At the import you’ll take the license plates, the CVO or in this case the police letter, a selling contract with the owner you bought is from to confirm the ownership and the car with corresponding VIN number. This should be enough to get your car to import.

Notice: The RDW will probably charge an additional fee of around €60 euros for getting a statement of no objection from the Belgium registration service.

Need help importing from Belgium?

If you need help at the import procedure from Belgium to Holland we’re here to help, please get in contact and we’ll figure it out together!

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